In conjunction with The Dangerous Substances Act 2004, our objective is to protect our clients against any dangers associated with the handling or removing of asbestos products.

The following has been paraphrase from the “Code of Practice for the Safe Removal Of Asbestos, 2nd Edn” produced by The National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC)


7.1 Consultation

Current legislation requires us to consult with you regarding the health and safety aspects that our work will provide you and our workers if any asbestos containing materials are being removed in a workplace.

This consultation occurs freely during the course of the project as we value having communication lines open between our clients and us at Canberra Asbestos Removal.

7.2 Responsibilities of our clients

7.2.1 Selection of an asbestos removalist

You have the right to ensure an asbestos removalist carries out the removal of all asbestos containing materials. You also have the right to request to sight the removalist licensing details before proceeding – all removalist that operate within the legal framework bounded by law will have no issues with this aspect.

“If an asbestos removalist license is required and the asbestos removalist does not initially provide its license details, the client should request this information” before proceeding.

7.2.2 Register of ACM

If a building is listed with the workplace’s register of Asbestos Containing Material, the client must obtain a copy for the particular building to give to the asbestos removalist upon his/her inspection and prior to any work commencing, [NOHSC: 2018 (2005)].

“It is the client’s responsibility to identify ACM. This responsibility may not be abdicated to the asbestos removalist”

In the instance that there is no ACM register for the building, it is the responsibility of the client to establish a register prior to the removal work

If no register is provided, the client and the asbestos removalist can assume that all materials are asbestos containing materials that are set out in section 9.2 of the Code of Practice for the management and control of Asbestos in the Workplaces may presume it.

The National Occupational Health and Safety Commission (NOHSC) has produced the “Code of Practice for the Safe Removal Of Asbestos 2nd Edition [NOHSC: 2002(2005)].

The following is an extract from this document which outlines the potential health hazards from asbestos.


Mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer occur as a result of the inhalation of needle-like asbestos fibres that can be release whenever asbestos containing materials are disturbed. Disease caused as a result of inhalation is usually fatal as fibres are found deep in the lungs. Asbestos has the ability poses a risk to health whenever asbestos fibres become airborne making people exposed to those fibres.

Now, the once rare Mesothelioma disease has Australia with the highest incidence rate in the world as a direct result of our exposure to asbestos containing materials. There is no form of asbestos or asbestos containing material that can be considered harm-free with the latency period after the first exposure to asbestos is commonly between 15 – 25 years.

Accordingly, exposure should be prevented. We are the trained who are professional equipped to safely remove and dispose of your asbestos materials. At Canberra Asbestos Removal, we handle every asbestos material with the respect it deserves to guarantee client comfort and satisfaction.

The following work activities will create airborne fibres as they disturb asbestos containing materials:

• Any direct contact with ACM using cutting, grinding, drilling, boring, filing, smashing or blow with compressed air
• The removal of any ACM from a workplace
• The demolition of buildings
• The removal of materials from vehicles, plant, equipment or workplaces

Exterior Asbestos Containing Material is often constantly being exposed to deterioration cause by weathering, consequently contaminating the immediate areas and potentially being a threat of releasing asbestos fibres into the air.

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